Safe investing : what investments are the safest?

There are actually still "safe investing"? That's a question you hear more often after the outbreak of the economic crisis and the publication of scandals in supposedly safe banks.

Investors not only take into account the yield but also the safety of their investing.

As increasing numbers of investors, for example, real estate as "certain" investment. Which investments are the safest? An overview and comparison of the safest investing on the basis of their risk.



Distrust in saver and investor 



The distrust of the man in the street opposite the financial world is mainly due to the outbreak of the economic crisis, the debt crisis in at various banks. Often you also hear discussions about what is "really safe investing" are. Exist that safe investments do and if so, what are they? We compare several investing  according to their risk. In other

words, how are you covered if things go wrong?

Security of stocks and bonds



Shares are profit shares in a company and can provide a nice return if the company makes progress.All are very safe their money in investing in bonds When things are going badly in the stock market, you may suffer losses quickly.

But the company goes bankrupt then you are a shareholder in last place when it is run bankrupt. As a bondholder you stand for shareholders, because a bond is essentially a debt instrument.

The risk of a stock is greater than that of a bond. In order to obtain payment of your bond, you will have to wait for the dismantling of the company by the trustee. This can take a long time.

How secure is a savings account?



Keep money on the side is a strategy to wait for better times. Two possibilities: either you let it stand on your savings, or do you keep it nice and old-fashioned in a safe. The risk you run when you put your money in a savings account is that your savings bank bankrupt go.

In that case, you may have recourse to the India or other deposit guarantee scheme which guarantees  Rs. 100,000 per account. The question is when you are in that case will get your money back. If you investing  money in saving account, getting interest  is very very low but money is very safe

Keep cash in a safe



The proverb Cash is king  you hear are often used when it comes hard on the exchanges. For example, you can cash in a vault store in the bank or in your home. The risk you run is that this safe can be cracked by burglars who bring the content.

If the bank fails, you do own the contents of the safe at the bank but here it may take a while before you will get back., The contents of the safe What applies to cash investing , holds in fact for gold and silver. These metals run like cash the risk of theft.

How secure is real ESTATE?


Real estate is often seen as a rock-solid investing. The property that you buy gives you the assurance of stone and has a tangible value, in contrast to shares. If the stock market crashes, means that no direct danger to your house or apartment.

However, the value of your home may go up and down according to the fluctuations in the housing market. But if you lose all your money, you may still be free to live in your property, if you have at least paid off. Your mortgage The only risk you run is that your house burns down and uninhabitable, but against this you can assure you.

Conclusion: real estate is the safest investing



To summarize, we can say that no investment can match the benefits of real estate. You have no stock market  risk, no risk of theft, and you do not risk bankruptcy by a third party such as a company or a savings bank. Your home is entirely your property and offer you the most security in comparison with other investing.