How to Put your talents to others and make a contribution to a better world.

Contribution  meaning  is deep down we all long for a relevant and meaningful life - we want to really matter, really contribute.

contribution  meaning  and matter:

In the first phase of our life are material things centrally. We would like to live in a nice house, drive a car, regularly go on summer vacation  and small trips are happy with the partner of our dreams and possibly start a family. Everything is dedicated to working to fulfill.

Material things .when we have achieved these things we ask ourselves: is this all? We will explore how we can give our lives. More meaningful.These type of achievements are reached and enjoying by china people.These type of information will known in china vacation. We follow courses delve into spirituality and personal growth, we look at the essence of life and we find out that money and matter are not sufficient to lead. A happy and fulfilling life


A happy and fulfilling life begins in yourself and reflected in the meaning you give to enriching the lives of others. By giving happiness to others, attention and love comes happiness, love and attention to yourself so many people are finding happiness all the times.some people are going for happiness movie. If any body refer that movie and spend 2 to 3 hrs.  feel happiness

What you give, you receive multiple back. Matter decays at the end of our lives, but what we fail to sense remains exist in the mind.

I've always admired those people who give optimal to others. People at home, at work, to clients and colleagues to give the best they have to offer.

In any situation, you can choose the best you have to give love, attention, humor, commitment, compassion fatigue , empathy and kindness.

Within your It does not matter who you are or what you do. Whether you're at a gas station employee, cashier or bank manager, give the best you have to the people in your immediate vicinity.

Get started right now and make a difference at home, at work, on the sports club with your friends and acquaintances.

Brightened by a wash:

The older man who helped me, probably a summer vacation force, greeted me already having a friendly chat and smiled from ear to ear. He clearly had excited! My car got a washboard like never before. He took my antenna off before the car went through the car wash and wished me a nice day.

When I drove the car wash, he ran to meet me again, screwed the antenna on it, asked if everything was okay and gave a compliment about the car.

This man gave his profession, washing cars, an extra dimension. He made a positive contribution to the lives of its customers showed interest and he watched how he could offer. Everybody something extra My car got a wash and my life was brightened

Make a difference:

You too can contribute and make a difference, at your life, in your family, at work or at your customers. It does not matter what kind of job you have and in what kind of situation you are. Look around you and ask yourself how you can provide.

The people you encounter, at home, at work or elsewhere, something extra Give everything you have in you. You get so much in return for love, esteem and happiness. So whatever it may be giving with open hearty .In our lives improve self esteem .

Ambitions are ok, but it's the best ambition to really contribute to the lives of others. Anything at Matter decays, but the impressions we leave live on in the spirit of the other and in the big picture.

You have created everything yourself!

What many people tend to forget is that we have created. Everything we experience in our lives, self All the stuff we have, all those we have met, who we have become and what we do, everything started with a thought. In our daily lives every person must think positive thought then create positive environment .

Always if you think like this way new energy created for new environment.Any problem in our life for solution is energy  solutions  so we have to shift negative energy to positive energy

In quantum physics has proven that everything we see and experience is made up of atoms and even smaller particles. And also, when you bring that stuff to the smallest essence, everything consists of energetic vibrations or vibrations.

This means that everything we can perceive and what we can not see out of energy vibration exists. Like the frequencies that cause us to each other at a distance telephone and Internet, everything is made up of energy vibrations.

We, all the material things, the people and buildings, and also what we do not perceive consists of energy vibrations. Our smart thoughts consist of vibrations and vibrations, even very powerful.

By voting for the same energy frequency as that which we desire on our minds we attract what we desire in our lives. That is the law of creation!