Crisis on the stock market: five do's for the equity investor





stock market to day  is good. All foreign investors are investing in share market. comparative other world stock markets  India stock exchange is very good. That’s why all FIS  are investing money in India


Five do's for the equity investor


A crisis in the stock market and in the financial world may panic among investor worry among us. Some investors will tend to rush to sell all their shares and the stock market to turn back. Others will respond in moderation and keep a cool head. The latter option is preferable, because every crisis will pass again. For the investor who wants to survive in uncertain times fair, here are some tips.


Keep spreading your investments

Even if you are in uncertain times scholarship tends to get some shares to shoot, it's still spreading the classical investor bullet. It comes down to spread over cash, equities and products that provide a fixed interest rate such as savings accounts and bonds. Balanced your investments If necessary, take on real estate in your portfolio investment . Do not neglect the spread of your portfolio investment  so because in uncertain economic times put everything in a category of investment is too risky.

Investing   systematically


In the event of a stock market to day  crisis testifies to panic to immediately sell. All your shares For those who do not see sitting at the fair this may be a temporary solution, but for the efficient investor is not an option. If you sell anything, you do lose only made ? final and you give yourself a chance to benefit. From future price increases Moreover, you will probably sit at the bottom value of your shares when you sell them. Therefore patience is designated here: preserving your stocks and keep in mind that prices will rise yet again. A good strategy is therefore to "systematically" to invest: make sure you're investing  a certain amount at regular intervals. That way you can benefit from low prices to buy shares.Now days good calls are providing in options Systematically  operate portfolio investment. Perfect calls and very good profits are gaining .

Option for quality stocks with

In the case of a stock market to day  crisis almost all shares will be listed below. Before you buy stocks, pay attention to some characteristics such as the health of the company and the dividend yield . A more or less guaranteed dividend can offer you protection against the stock market uncertainty. Watch the less risky stocks and find out which companies will have the least burden on the general economic uncertainty. Select other words, for high-quality stocks.

Retaining sufficient liquidity

It is important to have. Sufficient liquidity in the house Sufficient liquidity indeed come in handy for shares at low prices to purchase. When the stock market to day  recovers again, you can then make a profit by selling them. High prices So do not stand by the side stand as the stock market in bad shape and you have a reasonable amount of cash available. Buy shares at low prices and take into account the potential profits in the future.

Choose gold

Gold has in the economic world traditionally positive, attractive connotations. When it goes bad, you can still rely on the gold which you have invested. Because investors assume that gold will always retain its value and will never lose. His glory For the investor who definitely wants to play on it so evident to spend gold. Few percent of its portfolio investment .