10 common mistakes in applying the Law of Attraction

The the universal Law of Attraction what can effortlessly create what you want, by making use of your power of thought. What do you broadcast your thoughts and your energy will naturally manifest in physical reality when you are using the creation process and the Law of Attraction. You vote yourself on what you want with your thoughts and your feelings, you trust that it comes to you, you let it go, then it will sooner or later manifest in your life.

10 common mistakes in applying the Law of Attraction

Now, several years later, the hype again and many people are disappointed in The Secret and the Law of Attraction. They think that the Law of Attraction does not work, because their demands are not fulfilled. The principle of the universal Law of Attraction is always working. However, most people are not fully aware of the principles of creation and their own process herein.

The most common failures in the use of the Secret and the law of attraction are:

1. When I visualize, then my desire itself off:

Many people think that the visualization is sufficient to bring out your wishes for low of attraction relationships. They think that, by meditating and visualizing that pot of gold out of nothing comes falling from the sky. Nothing is less true. Visualizing is just the first step in the creation process.

2. Your why is not big enough:

If you can not feel what you want then you why not big enough. One of the key elements in the creation is your feeling. You feel strengthens your power of thought and the creative process. The more you can feel what you want, lifelike how powerful the energy that you send in the universe.

Positive Thinking  about why you! Why do you want to manifest your desires. Will you do it for your family, for your children or your spouse, or to help other people? Whether you trade only from your ego and self-interest. Make sure that the reason you want something big enough and you can feel easier!

3. Trying to attract a specific person:

When you're trying to attract a specific person is a violation of free will.This would mean that I would be able to attract, without that person would have. Herein something to tell the partner of every other instance without problems What you can do better yourself to focus on the qualities and characteristics that the partner of your dreams should have. This has everything to do with the energy efficient  and the feelings you wish. And like energies attract like energies, so will your dream partner magically appear, if you love yourself, of course, to all elements of the creative process.

4. Just focus on the subject matter and the money:

With the wishes of matter and money is nothing wrong with that, if you realize that the fun is usually only of short duration. After realizing that fancy car or that corers in your bank account is that new situation quickly and again just want you something else. With matter, you can not fill once your emotional needs. Therefore, you yourself better focus your visualizations and creating the feeling behind the matter. For example, Focus on the feeling of comfort that you want to achieve with the house and focus on the feeling of respect do you want to achieve with this define wealth.

Feel how it feels when you have achieved this and see how you can feel yourself. Already comfortable With the transmission of the energy of those feelings you pull equal energies and your desires will be manifested earlier.

5. Focus on what you do not wish:

Focus your attention on those things you do not want to, make sure you create more of what you do not want. Your subconscious knows no denials. Words such as not, no longer or never are not recognized by the subconscious. By paying attention to those things you do not want, so you create more of the same. Do not think: "I do not want money more problems" or "I need this circumstance never live to see." Moreover if for example, you want to manifest a new car on one side and on the other hand over your current car thinking: other The universe simply do not know what you have to give.

6. Unrealistic  affirmations:

Using affirmations is usually not deep enough to manifest your wishes for more define wealth . Affirmations are statements confirming you speak to yourself though the truth. When you create this feeling inadequate, then shoot the affirmations of their target like low of attraction for relationships and make money.

Also, many people have affirmations across large targets such as :: "I'm a millionaire and I live the life I want." When you subconsciously do not believe that you are this, then the affirmations no effect.

You have to really believe it! In that case, you should first subconscious mind to your work with coaching or by following a workout.

7. Know not exactly what you want:

If you do not specify exactly what you want, then you get something that does not meet your demand. Most people do not specify what they want.They live on autopilot and let fate decide what happens in their lives.

They are also unaware that they manifest their often destructive thoughts. You can change it make take to specify what your desires and goals you want to achieve. Well through time Be very specific in it. I myself once the woman of my dreams specified.

I described exactly how they should look like and what qualities and characteristics they should have. I visualized it and I let it go. And indeed, some time later, I met her through my work.She answered all of the profile, however, she had a partner at home.

And I forgot to specify. They had to be free! So be as specific as possible in your wishes and desires!

8. Low self-esteem have:

Low self-esteem is disastrous for creating what you want. Many people allow themselves consciously or no wealth or any material success, because they are limiting thoughts and beliefs, or because of emotional barriers stand in the way. Then you can visualize and create so much, but if you want what you can not receive by limiting thoughts and feelings, then this will have no effect. And imagine that you're still able, despite these obstacles, to book, wealth or material success, you will do everything to sabotage it and get back to get your money. Matter and quickly lost

9. Attachment to the end result:

Are too attached to the end result means that you believe that there is a shortage or you're afraid that the desired result will not take place. By something to like, from a need or lack, means you broadcast contradictory signals in the cosmos. For example, if you are unemployed and you really want that you get the job you are applying as paying your bills and all sorts of things are dependent, then you send the energy of shortage or scarcity.

Probably this is picked up by the person interview you and the chances are that the job will eventually be canceled.Releasing the end result and confidence in a good outcome is essential in the creation process. Releasing the end result for like low of attraction for relationships  make money  simply already got it result ended

10. Your desire does not fit into your life's purpose:

Suppose you apply all elements of the creative effective, it may even be that you do not get exactly what you specify. This is because what you want is not always good for your higher purpose and learn. Your wishes and desires must be consistent with your life purpose. If not, then your wish will probably appear in a different form! When I once again the partner of my dreams specified she appeared in slightly different than I had visualized a shape. I am  billionaire  so I am in billionaire club

Later I understood that the inner qualities and characteristics corresponded to better my life process and higher purpose