what a bear stock market and a bull stock market?

How the stock Market works

what a bear stock market and a bull stock market?

Investing in the stock market can be a very attractive activity in which a good potential returns can be achieved. Nevertheless, you should always take into account the upward and downward trends, and thus potential losses. The different trends are indicated by "bear market" or bear market, and "bull market" or bull market. But what exactly do these terms and where do they come from?


Investing on the stock market ups and downs of shares

Shares are an extremely attractive way to invest money . By buying shares at a low price and sell at a high price, you can make a nice profit. In addition, it may also invest in equity yield loss. To achieve returns a good knowledge of the financial affairs is needed. In addition, you should be well aware of the specific terms used in the stock market.

Fair: what is a "bear market" or bear market?

Share prices down

a bear market in the stock market means that stocks in general show a downward trend. This may be because the economy is in a bad situation arising or because investors are inundated with negative economic news. In a bear market does not go straight down, but the trend goes in fluctuations: share prices go down, then back up a moment, and then down again. Importantly, the continuing overall trend is downwards.

For example, Example of a bear market, the stock market crash of 2008, after the collapse of the housing market in America and the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers bank. Symbolism of the bear market Why is there the name "bear market" is selected? This is no coincidence.

The bear is an animal that attacks by precipitating movements of the jaws and its prey works that way to the ground. The essence of the symbolism of the bear market is the downward movement. Not only the market itself can be so called, but also those who have pessimistic views about the stock market.

What is a "bull market" or bull market?

Stocks go up

a bull market is the opposite of a bear market comes down to is that the stock market is in an upward trend. Among investors is optimism asset and one can only expect positive developments.

Share prices rise sharply, and it does not seem to. More and more investors are steps in the boot of the "bull market" and want to make big profits. Example of a bull market is the sharp appreciation of gold since the economic crisis of 2008.

It says that gold is in a bull market is. Symbolism of the bull market in the bull market is also the name is not chosen by chance. If a bull attacked pulls, it has the specific property to lift its prey.

Hence the reference to the bull in the investment world: in a bull market shares are boosted. This upward thrust can remain for a long time and sometimes seems to last forever. Also, analysts and experts who have a positive attitude towards the stock market or a particular investment are indicated by "bulls" or bulls.

The rights of a shareholder in a company

The rights of a shareholder in a company

With the financial difficulties of the Fortis Bank and the takeover by the French bank BNP Paribas has anyone heard talk of the general meeting of shareholders several times. In the vote for the takeover by the French bank was heel wet disagreement among the shareholders. But what are - in addition to the right to a dividend - actually the rights of small shareholders for its voice heard in the policy of the company?


The basic rights of the shareholder

The shareholder is entitled to a dividend , which amounts that the company allows shareholders to share in the profits. The dividend is however no requirement for the company. The shareholder also has a subscription , so he gets priority when any new shares are issued. Besides these duties, the small shareholder other important rights to have their voices heard. within the company These include for the right to attend the general meeting in question, and the right to speak.

The general meeting of shareholders

From the moment you even own a single share, you have the right to the general meeting to attend. by the enterprise The company is obliged to know where to be and when the general shareholders' meeting will be held. In practice this is usually done through an announcement in the newspaper. If you have a share, then it is possible that you will receive a personal invitation. This invitation also contains the agenda of the general meeting. , the company is obliged to make available to the shareholders.

necessary information at least 15 days before the general meeting Usually refers to the financial statements and the annual report that you can look into the headquarters of the company. Optionally, you can request that the company you send that information. The idea is that you can prepare for the meeting. These information , the general meeting shall be deemed always to take place, even though the rise of shareholders is limited.

If there is an extraordinary general meeting, may have a certain percentage of attendees are required. It may for example be a capital increase to be approved. Interesting to know is that you can leave to deliberate with supporters as the General Assembly and that you simply can come again. Then In contrast, the directors of the Company have no such right.

The right to ask questions of the shareholder

The articles of association of the company can not exclude that the minority shareholder has a right to demand it. As a minority shareholder, you can invoke your right to ask questions if you do not agree with things that are happening in the company. Through the question right, you can be critical and express your displeasure about certain decisions.

Alternatively you can try to get other shareholders in your hand and thus influence the policy of the company. The Board of Directors the right to ask questions of the shareholder should not ignore, because that can lead to the annulment of the general meeting. If the directors of the company refuse to answer a question from a shareholder, it is the court competent to this discussion.

The board of directors is not, however, obliged to answer if the answer could mean for the company, for the staff or the other shareholders. Serious damage to your questions
The right to speak of the shareholder

As a shareholder, you have a right to speak , so you can influence. the opinion of other people present at the general meeting Anyway it is a decision made ? by a majority of votes. On your own you can therefore hold no decision;

There is always necessary. majority

if the smaller shareholders believe that their rights are not respected by the major shareholders, they can unite. That way they can take collective action to influence policy. Within the company

Crisis on the stock market: five do's for the equity investor





stock market to day  is good. All foreign investors are investing in share market. comparative other world stock markets  India stock exchange is very good. That’s why all FIS  are investing money in India



Five do's for the equity investor


A crisis in the stock market and in the financial world may panic among investor worry among us. Some investors will tend to rush to sell all their shares and the stock market to turn back. Others will respond in moderation and keep a cool head. The latter option is preferable, because every crisis will pass again. For the investor who wants to survive in uncertain times fair, here are some tips.


Keep spreading your investments

Even if you are in uncertain times scholarship tends to get some shares to shoot, it's still spreading the classical investor bullet. It comes down to spread over cash, equities and products that provide a fixed interest rate such as savings accounts and bonds. Balanced your investments If necessary, take on real estate in your portfolio investment . Do not neglect the spread of your portfolio investment  so because in uncertain economic times put everything in a category of investment is too risky.

Investing   systematically


In the event of a stock market to day  crisis testifies to panic to immediately sell. All your shares For those who do not see sitting at the fair this may be a temporary solution, but for the efficient investor is not an option. If you sell anything, you do lose only made ? final and you give yourself a chance to benefit. From future price increases Moreover, you will probably sit at the bottom value of your shares when you sell them. Therefore patience is designated here: preserving your stocks and keep in mind that prices will rise yet again. A good strategy is therefore to "systematically" to invest: make sure you're investing  a certain amount at regular intervals. That way you can benefit from low prices to buy shares.Now days good calls are providing in options www.sharekarodpathitips.com. Systematically  operate portfolio investment. Perfect calls and very good profits are gaining .

Option for quality stocks with

In the case of a stock market to day  crisis almost all shares will be listed below. Before you buy stocks, pay attention to some characteristics such as the health of the company and the dividend yield . A more or less guaranteed dividend can offer you protection against the stock market uncertainty. Watch the less risky stocks and find out which companies will have the least burden on the general economic uncertainty. Select other words, for high-quality stocks.

Retaining sufficient liquidity

It is important to have. Sufficient liquidity in the house Sufficient liquidity indeed come in handy for shares at low prices to purchase. When the stock market to day  recovers again, you can then make a profit by selling them. High prices So do not stand by the side stand as the stock market in bad shape and you have a reasonable amount of cash available. Buy shares at low prices and take into account the potential profits in the future.

Choose gold

Gold has in the economic world traditionally positive, attractive connotations. When it goes bad, you can still rely on the gold which you have invested. Because investors assume that gold will always retain its value and will never lose. His glory For the investor who definitely wants to play on it so evident to spend gold. Few percent of its portfolio investment .

Investing in stocks: the spread of your shares


the spread of your shares



If you go to the fair, it may be tempting to get you to focus. On-chip Of the shares ever seem to rise, you simply do not know how high they'll keep going. You get the feeling that you might be able to profit if you invest infinitely large. Still, it comes down to thinking. Shares the less glamorous If your stock portfolio spreads well and invests in various sectors, you are better armed against any stock market crisis


The unpredictability of the stock market



One of the characteristics of the stock market is that nobody knows for sure how things will evolve. How many specialists are there and how many analyzes are also made ? real certainty about the stock market you never. The stock market is not a science but an unpredictable thing, what makes her so attractive to many investors.

Nevertheless, the danger may lurk here. For investors who focus on strong price gainers, can sometimes be disappointed by a sudden fall in price. Who equity portfolio spread enough, do not have too much to worry about. Goes wrong with one class of shares, he still has plenty of alternatives on hand. Moreover, a period of crisis in the long term is always followed by a period of recovery.

The hype of the fair



If you want to stay away from the stock market can be very attractive to invest in stocks that do well at that time. The shares currently stand are highly attractive and luring investors is to invest . Because in the end no one knows where the ultimate culmination of those shares will be. Investors are also keeping in mind that those shares in the future will score even higher, so they invest in it. Yet it is good to not only focus on those popular stocks but also the less obvious on the stock market.

Because the shares are ranked high and constantly seem to be rising, can sometimes get a serious setback when a stock market crisis. Thus did in the nineties the shares of technology companies a "tree" known, which was followed years later by a violent backlash. The technology hype had passed its peak and new technology stocks recorded years later clearly their top races of yesteryear.

Diversifying risk


On the other hand shares layer at a time so suffer less damage from a crisis and gradually to acquire a stronger position when the stock market has picked itself again. Therefore, do not forget to buy a stock price lower sail.

Diversifying your portfolio is so as to spread the risk of your shares. The aim is to bet so you do not see all your investments fail. Following a crisis or setback on multiple horses

Safe investing : what investments are the safest?

There are actually still "safe investing"? That's a question you hear more often after the outbreak of the economic crisis and the publication of scandals in supposedly safe banks.

Investors not only take into account the yield but also the safety of their investing.

As increasing numbers of investors, for example, real estate as "certain" investment. Which investments are the safest? An overview and comparison of the safest investing on the basis of their risk.






Distrust in saver and investor 



The distrust of the man in the street opposite the financial world is mainly due to the outbreak of the economic crisis, the debt crisis in at various banks. Often you also hear discussions about what is "really safe investing" are. Exist that safe investments do and if so, what are they? We compare several investing  according to their risk. In other

words, how are you covered if things go wrong?

Security of stocks and bonds



Shares are profit shares in a company and can provide a nice return if the company makes progress.All are very safe their money in investing in bonds When things are going badly in the stock market, you may suffer losses quickly.

But the company goes bankrupt then you are a shareholder in last place when it is run bankrupt. As a bondholder you stand for shareholders, because a bond is essentially a debt instrument.

The risk of a stock is greater than that of a bond. In order to obtain payment of your bond, you will have to wait for the dismantling of the company by the trustee. This can take a long time.

How secure is a savings account?



Keep money on the side is a strategy to wait for better times. Two possibilities: either you let it stand on your savings, or do you keep it nice and old-fashioned in a safe. The risk you run when you put your money in a savings account is that your savings bank bankrupt go.

In that case, you may have recourse to the India or other deposit guarantee scheme which guarantees  Rs. 100,000 per account. The question is when you are in that case will get your money back. If you investing  money in saving account, getting interest  is very very low but money is very safe

Keep cash in a safe



The proverb Cash is king  you hear are often used when it comes hard on the exchanges. For example, you can cash in a vault store in the bank or in your home. The risk you run is that this safe can be cracked by burglars who bring the content.

If the bank fails, you do own the contents of the safe at the bank but here it may take a while before you will get back., The contents of the safe What applies to cash investing , holds in fact for gold and silver. These metals run like cash the risk of theft.

How secure is real ESTATE?


Real estate is often seen as a rock-solid investing. The property that you buy gives you the assurance of stone and has a tangible value, in contrast to shares. If the stock market crashes, means that no direct danger to your house or apartment.

However, the value of your home may go up and down according to the fluctuations in the housing market. But if you lose all your money, you may still be free to live in your property, if you have at least paid off. Your mortgage The only risk you run is that your house burns down and uninhabitable, but against this you can assure you.

Conclusion: real estate is the safest investing



To summarize, we can say that no investment can match the benefits of real estate. You have no stock market  risk, no risk of theft, and you do not risk bankruptcy by a third party such as a company or a savings bank. Your home is entirely your property and offer you the most security in comparison with other investing.

Facebook as a marketing communications and making money tool

Face book as a marketing communications tool

Face book has more than half a billion active members one of the largest social networks in the world. All these people mean many different audiences. Between these groups probably get the audiences you want to reach with your business but how do you handle it? This is a good marketing needs. All people used as marketing communications tool.This is one of the good social network.


Social networks 

Social networks in recent years have grown from nothing to a huge success. Millions of people have signed online to what to show themselves and to view others. Millions of people want to say that you can achieve. A very large group at once many companies create a Face book account, because the competitor also has one. In all social networks sites Face book is the most popular social network site

Face book as a marketing communications tool

A medium as Face book offers many advantages as a marketing communications tool. Face book is free open to all, target market is easy to segment attaches personal worth and much can be attempted without the image of the company . Contacts in advance to get real success of Face book, it is important to establish contacts with your customers. The establishment of contacts is not as simple as customers still have to do this.

It is possible to encourage this, here are some ways:

· Place the Facebook icon on the website.

· When the Face book icon during or at the end of commercials.

· Show the Face book icon in folders.

· Show the Face book icon in one of marketing communications tool.

· Promote it on the outside of the premises. you can place this icon in other social network sites

Once customers have made? With the company contact has there been any emotional value that the customer feels involved in the business. Now a day’s all corporate companies and business firms and people are using social network sites. Once a company decides to create a Face book account and social media networks, this is a choice that it should be thought about.

Following after creating the account, it is also very important to keep this account go here a lot of companies in the fog. Indeed, there are many points where care should be taken:

· Customers may criticize on Face book and keep up with criticism.

· Customers ask a question via Face book, if not answered a question, this is not positive.

· Keep up to date information, customers are not interested in messages from half a year ago,

· Does not redundant and unnecessary information.

It is essential to keep these four points good at and here well in advance to think about it, there's like it's time to sit down. Hold Comments on This is one of the key points to watch when it was decided a Face book page to make.

For the company these customers can leave comments on Face book, if this is done, the company is here in the short term to respond wants to satisfy the customer. There will be a team must be designed to keep track of the responses and strongly reacts content. If this is not done then a Face book account even be detrimental to a company and generate negative reactions.

Social networking sites are used as money making tool

Entire the world any new product is lunched that must be placed in face book and social media networks.So by providing marketing communications with entire world. Now a days each and every one place business information and getting leads and sold the product easily.

Customers inform

Once the contacts established so that they are easy to read. Targeted ads and content short but strong messages come with regular updates and relevant information which the customer has something and what causes it still comes back for another purchase. With the passing of messages is important not to much to give.

Think carefully about it first

In summary therefore conclude that it is important to think in advance about how to create a Face book account for your business. Here, the following points are the most important:

· The content must be kept

· It must be able to respond to short-term

· Do not give unnecessary information

· Keep the information brief but powerful

· Val customers do not bother too much

Face book is a wonderful marketing communications tool but should be used properly.

How to success goals in goal line

Just as you feed yourself with healthy food, vitamins and minerals, it is important to also eat healthy thoughts your mind. You do not just by reading inspirational books and listen to inspiring speakers and coaches, but also to surround yourself with successful people, who are at a level where you want to be by yourself.


Always think thoughts of happiness .You learn from their knowledge and their habits, and you float along on the positive energy of happiness and success.

This does not mean that other people are less valuable and that you should respond to bone. Treat everyone with love and respect, because everyone is unique and has specific gifts and talents. And we are all part of the same universe and the same energy.

However, we also have the choice every day to determine with whom we interact and with whom we prefer to spend our time.

Therefore choose to spend time with people who have been there, where you is heading with your goals and desires. Throughout most of your time And surround yourself with inspiring friends and relations. Opt for quality time instead of quantitative time. Time is precious and can only be spent. 1 way

Inspiring and happy friends and relations to help you to think also inspiring and happy and live. Rich and successful people also encourage you to be rich and successful. Enjoy it and be inspired, on the way to the best version of yourself!

Successful people  have goal line:

Studies have shown that only 5% of all people set personal and / or business goal line. And has been studied and proven that people who set smart goal are more successful than those who did not. I set myself goals for myself for years, both personal and business law. Each and every businessman set goal line

I set goals for my business, my relationships, my finances, for relaxation and enjoyment, and for my personal development. In short, for every area of my life I set smarter goalsSo many people are search for goal setting website.For how to achieving goals in short time and long time.

Sometimes I cannot reach one hundred percent of each goal, but at least I'll be somewhere where I would be. Did not come without goals It's like my English friends so nicely into words:
"If you aim for the stars you will certainly land upon the moon."

How you do it is not so important

And if I do not reach my goal line, I always ask myself the following question: "Was the goal I set myself important enough for me?". We all tend to focus on ourselves how we can achieve our goals and what we have to do this but that's not important! The how and what are inferior. It's about why big and important enough for you!

WHY is you big enough?

Where do you get it and what do you get when you have reached your goal line . Why you should be big enough, so it is obvious that you come into action and thus you will reach your goals, "whatever it may be "!

Your goal line can be for example to create, so you can offer your family. Richer lives an extra income

or you can, for example to set up so you can help in their power to get other people. coaching practice in goal setting website.

When your why is big enough, you will surely achieve your goals in your goal lineSo make sure that you know why big enough and visualize every day that you have achieved your goals and how this feels.When you why big enough you can already feel the excitement in your visualization.

How to Put your talents to others and make a contribution to a better world.

Contribution  meaning  is deep down we all long for a relevant and meaningful life - we want to really matter, really contribute.

contribution  meaning  and matter:

In the first phase of our life are material things centrally. We would like to live in a nice house, drive a car, regularly go on summer vacation  and small trips are happy with the partner of our dreams and possibly start a family. Everything is dedicated to working to fulfill.

Material things .when we have achieved these things we ask ourselves: is this all? We will explore how we can give our lives. More meaningful.These type of achievements are reached and enjoying by china people.These type of information will known in china vacation. We follow courses delve into spirituality and personal growth, we look at the essence of life and we find out that money and matter are not sufficient to lead. A happy and fulfilling life



A happy and fulfilling life begins in yourself and reflected in the meaning you give to enriching the lives of others. By giving happiness to others, attention and love comes happiness, love and attention to yourself again.so so many people are finding happiness all the times.some people are going for happiness movie. If any body refer that movie and spend 2 to 3 hrs.  feel happiness

What you give, you receive multiple back. Matter decays at the end of our lives, but what we fail to sense remains exist in the mind.

I've always admired those people who give optimal to others. People at home, at work, to clients and colleagues to give the best they have to offer.

In any situation, you can choose the best you have to give love, attention, humor, commitment, compassion fatigue , empathy and kindness.

Within your It does not matter who you are or what you do. Whether you're at a gas station employee, cashier or bank manager, give the best you have to the people in your immediate vicinity.

Get started right now and make a difference at home, at work, on the sports club with your friends and acquaintances.

Brightened by a wash:

The older man who helped me, probably a summer vacation force, greeted me already having a friendly chat and smiled from ear to ear. He clearly had excited! My car got a washboard like never before. He took my antenna off before the car went through the car wash and wished me a nice day.

When I drove the car wash, he ran to meet me again, screwed the antenna on it, asked if everything was okay and gave a compliment about the car.

This man gave his profession, washing cars, an extra dimension. He made a positive contribution to the lives of its customers showed interest and he watched how he could offer. Everybody something extra My car got a wash and my life was brightened

Make a difference:

You too can contribute and make a difference, at your life, in your family, at work or at your customers. It does not matter what kind of job you have and in what kind of situation you are. Look around you and ask yourself how you can provide.

The people you encounter, at home, at work or elsewhere, something extra Give everything you have in you. You get so much in return for love, esteem and happiness. So whatever it may be giving with open hearty .In our lives improve self esteem .

Ambitions are ok, but it's the best ambition to really contribute to the lives of others. Anything at Matter decays, but the impressions we leave live on in the spirit of the other and in the big picture.

You have created everything yourself!

What many people tend to forget is that we have created. Everything we experience in our lives, self All the stuff we have, all those we have met, who we have become and what we do, everything started with a thought. In our daily lives every person must think positive thought then create positive environment .

Always if you think like this way new energy created for new environment.Any problem in our life for solution is energy  solutions  so we have to shift negative energy to positive energy

In quantum physics has proven that everything we see and experience is made up of atoms and even smaller particles. And also, when you bring that stuff to the smallest essence, everything consists of energetic vibrations or vibrations.

This means that everything we can perceive and what we can not see out of energy vibration exists. Like the frequencies that cause us to each other at a distance telephone and Internet, everything is made up of energy vibrations.

We, all the material things, the people and buildings, and also what we do not perceive consists of energy vibrations. Our smart thoughts consist of vibrations and vibrations, even very powerful.

By voting for the same energy frequency as that which we desire on our minds we attract what we desire in our lives. That is the law of creation!

10 common mistakes in applying the Law of Attraction

The the universal Law of Attraction what can effortlessly create what you want, by making use of your power of thought. What do you broadcast your thoughts and your energy will naturally manifest in physical reality when you are using the creation process and the Law of Attraction. You vote yourself on what you want with your thoughts and your feelings, you trust that it comes to you, you let it go, then it will sooner or later manifest in your life.

10 common mistakes in applying the Law of Attraction

Now, several years later, the hype again and many people are disappointed in The Secret and the Law of Attraction. They think that the Law of Attraction does not work, because their demands are not fulfilled. The principle of the universal Law of Attraction is always working. However, most people are not fully aware of the principles of creation and their own process herein.

The most common failures in the use of the Secret and the law of attraction are:

1. When I visualize, then my desire itself off:

Many people think that the visualization is sufficient to bring out your wishes for low of attraction relationships. They think that, by meditating and visualizing that pot of gold out of nothing comes falling from the sky. Nothing is less true. Visualizing is just the first step in the creation process.

2. Your why is not big enough:

If you can not feel what you want then you why not big enough. One of the key elements in the creation is your feeling. You feel strengthens your power of thought and the creative process. The more you can feel what you want, lifelike how powerful the energy that you send in the universe.

Positive Thinking  about why you! Why do you want to manifest your desires. Will you do it for your family, for your children or your spouse, or to help other people? Whether you trade only from your ego and self-interest. Make sure that the reason you want something big enough and you can feel easier!

3. Trying to attract a specific person:

When you're trying to attract a specific person is a violation of free will.This would mean that I would be able to attract, without that person would have. Herein something to tell the partner of every other instance without problems What you can do better yourself to focus on the qualities and characteristics that the partner of your dreams should have. This has everything to do with the energy efficient  and the feelings you wish. And like energies attract like energies, so will your dream partner magically appear, if you love yourself, of course, to all elements of the creative process.

4. Just focus on the subject matter and the money:

With the wishes of matter and money is nothing wrong with that, if you realize that the fun is usually only of short duration. After realizing that fancy car or that corers in your bank account is that new situation quickly and again just want you something else. With matter, you can not fill once your emotional needs. Therefore, you yourself better focus your visualizations and creating the feeling behind the matter. For example, Focus on the feeling of comfort that you want to achieve with the house and focus on the feeling of respect do you want to achieve with this define wealth.

Feel how it feels when you have achieved this and see how you can feel yourself. Already comfortable With the transmission of the energy of those feelings you pull equal energies and your desires will be manifested earlier.

5. Focus on what you do not wish:

Focus your attention on those things you do not want to, make sure you create more of what you do not want. Your subconscious knows no denials. Words such as not, no longer or never are not recognized by the subconscious. By paying attention to those things you do not want, so you create more of the same. Do not think: "I do not want money more problems" or "I need this circumstance never live to see." Moreover if for example, you want to manifest a new car on one side and on the other hand over your current car thinking: other The universe simply do not know what you have to give.

6. Unrealistic  affirmations:

Using affirmations is usually not deep enough to manifest your wishes for more define wealth . Affirmations are statements confirming you speak to yourself though the truth. When you create this feeling inadequate, then shoot the affirmations of their target like low of attraction for relationships and make money.

Also, many people have affirmations across large targets such as :: "I'm a millionaire and I live the life I want." When you subconsciously do not believe that you are this, then the affirmations no effect.

You have to really believe it! In that case, you should first subconscious mind to your work with coaching or by following a workout.

7. Know not exactly what you want:

If you do not specify exactly what you want, then you get something that does not meet your demand. Most people do not specify what they want.They live on autopilot and let fate decide what happens in their lives.

They are also unaware that they manifest their often destructive thoughts. You can change it make take to specify what your desires and goals you want to achieve. Well through time Be very specific in it. I myself once the woman of my dreams specified.

I described exactly how they should look like and what qualities and characteristics they should have. I visualized it and I let it go. And indeed, some time later, I met her through my work.She answered all of the profile, however, she had a partner at home.

And I forgot to specify. They had to be free! So be as specific as possible in your wishes and desires!

8. Low self-esteem have:

Low self-esteem is disastrous for creating what you want. Many people allow themselves consciously or no wealth or any material success, because they are limiting thoughts and beliefs, or because of emotional barriers stand in the way. Then you can visualize and create so much, but if you want what you can not receive by limiting thoughts and feelings, then this will have no effect. And imagine that you're still able, despite these obstacles, to book, wealth or material success, you will do everything to sabotage it and get back to get your money. Matter and quickly lost

9. Attachment to the end result:

Are too attached to the end result means that you believe that there is a shortage or you're afraid that the desired result will not take place. By something to like, from a need or lack, means you broadcast contradictory signals in the cosmos. For example, if you are unemployed and you really want that you get the job you are applying as paying your bills and all sorts of things are dependent, then you send the energy of shortage or scarcity.

Probably this is picked up by the person interview you and the chances are that the job will eventually be canceled.Releasing the end result and confidence in a good outcome is essential in the creation process. Releasing the end result for like low of attraction for relationships  make money  simply already got it result ended

10. Your desire does not fit into your life's purpose:

Suppose you apply all elements of the creative effective, it may even be that you do not get exactly what you specify. This is because what you want is not always good for your higher purpose and learn. Your wishes and desires must be consistent with your life purpose. If not, then your wish will probably appear in a different form! When I once again the partner of my dreams specified she appeared in slightly different than I had visualized a shape. I am  billionaire  so I am in billionaire club

Later I understood that the inner qualities and characteristics corresponded to better my life process and higher purpose