3 Tips for an effortless life



Direction - Focus yourself on one thing at a time

In our busy lives, and in today's hectic society, where choices abound, we tend to do. Many things at once Besides the main time we spend with our family and friends, want to excel in our work. We want to be the best athlete.

We need our hobbies time. We want to invest our money well and we want to spend time to connect to the Internet and promotion strategies.

Our company successful In addition, you may also have a list of goals you want to achieve in the near future or in the long term. STOP this and focus yourself on one thing at a time!

It is not effective for you to focus on multiple things at once although women are better at multitasking than men! If you are doing several things at once, or you find yourself focusing on multiple targets, you shred your attention,

so you end up doing nothing really well.To achieve good results and to be successful, concentration, attention, practice and time.

Concentration and attention

When you focus on one thing at a time working is easier to hold your attention. And you get more done in a short time!
Leave you with that too distracted by incoming emails, phone calls or other priorities and tasks that you need to do.

You should first become a specialist in one thing, before you start something else again. Half attention leads to half results!


Do regular physical exercises for healthy body  and daily take healthy food


· Running

· swimming

· walking

· tracking

· hiking

· stretching your body



Exercise for achieving  GOAL


Practice makes perfect! Successful people who have achieved outstanding performances have practiced a lot before they were successful in their particular field.

Success is never dug up. All shiners have ten thousand hours exercise behind them before they were really successful. Take the Beatles.

they are forced to expand their repertoire and touching. To perfection play together Or Bill Gates. His school purchased a computer. Already in 1968 By the time he started college, he had programmed ten thousand hours on it.

Time and rest

By taking responsibility for a specific purpose, the time and the rest you take your inspiration and creativity to. When you take time spent in nature, or the peace regularly to deep meditation and visualize,then you come to the most brilliant ideas and inspirations.

And there will be opportunities in your path, which could lead to even more success  in that area where you put your focus. You through the focus and attention

Having expectations of other people makes your life complicated. Indeed, there is only one person on this arable you can completely trust. You guessed it that's yourself! The behavior of the other person you totally out of control.

Obviously we want to do, but this remains a pipe dream. Sometimes it's hard enough to understand yourself! Each person acts from his own frame of reference and from his own experiences and worldview.

Your vision is always different from the vision of the other. So you can never predict what the other person thinks and what the other will do. Why do we always but forecasts of the other? Simply because we want to understand the other person reacts the same as us, and we would do.

Or because we want that we have missed, such as valuation, in our youth filled some needs respect, recognition, etc. This is the same as flogging a dead horse. Stop it and relax! You can only change yourself.

In relationships, you often see this back. We want to change the other if we want our partner fully meets our expectations.

Caused by walking you have expectations about how your partner will react, you can almost only be disappointed! It is rare that your partner answered exactly to your expectations. With less likely you make your life a lot lighter and less complicated!

Instead, you could also advance to communicate your expectations and speak to each other. Prior express what your expectations are, avoid frustration and disappointments later.

Example, say to each other:

- Honey, let's cuddle together tonight and make out?
- You also like if I buy a nice pair of shoes for the party of your work?
- I would love it if you join tonight dinner with my mother (and maybe ... we can then cuddle?)

Besides expressing your expectations, it is always good to work on yourself. For example, you want to always stay in your power regardless of the reactions of others, then you can possibly follow the Emotional Freedom workout

Realization - Develop yourself daily

By paying attention to daily self-development time can take inspiration and your creative abilities, and you grow as a person to a better version of yourself. Personally, I would not want to stop growing .

Every day I spend time reading interesting books or blogs, watching an inspirational videos ,inspirational movie,attending personal development courses or a lecture or workshop.

I make sure that I myself and my soul feeds on inspiring thoughts and experiences.

Through self-development you release yourself from your old wrappers and you drill a new layer in yourself.

The person you are tomorrow is not the same as you are today.In fact every second, and every nanosecond changed a lot in your body.

Renewing cells, tissues renewed and change thought patterns. By feeding inspiration and positive messages your mind you work towards the best version of yourself and create more abundance and wealth  and wealth building strategies in your life.

I myself have a lot invested in my self development. I followed (inter) national training in the field of spirituality, healing, NLP, financial and emotional freedom, wealth and passive income, business and marketing, etc., etc.