10 success habits of abundance, wealth and happiness





want to experience more abundance,wealth and happiness?Only then these 10 tips once in your life.These are some success habits that me and other successful people have helped to realize their dreams. Apply them and your life will never be same

1. Visualize your ideal day

Visualize, at the end of the day, the perfect day for you tomorrow looks like and have it in mind.For you see how you like it does the day.

What do you do? What do you want? What people want to meet you? See it in every detail for you and feel how it was to live the perfect to you tomorrow By doing this you put a powerful intention for the next day.

And so it is likely that the next day will run perfectly. Naturally, there will sometimes unexpected things occur.

Let you in those cases move with the flow and trust that it will be okay. Sometimes the universe has something better in store!

2. Spend time daily to your goals

It has been proven in several studies that people with a purpose are many times more successful than those without purpose.Setting goals gives direction to your life.
Conscious and subconscious focus yourself daily on what is important to you. By paying attention to your goals, daily time you make sure to get it closer.

Especially when you've got big goals, it is important to divide into small sub-goals, you are working everyday it. So do something every  day that brings you closer to the goal ..... and do not forget to enjoy the journey!

3. Save 10% of your income

Save consistently 10% of your income for your financial independence and never come there to. This money is intended to grow and to bring

Interest on Only when the  interest rates high enough to be able to provide for your sustenance take interest on!

I understand that some people do not have the ability to save monthly for 10% but if you still have debts or live on benefits you can already do something .

4. Have you coached by a mentor

One of the most powerful ways to grow is to ask who is going to coach to reach your goals. You a mentor Someone who keeps you sharp and encourages you to get.

Best self A good mentor is someone who has achieved what what you want to achieve. Someone that you know you can pull up.

A mentor can sometimes be hard and confrontational, but he or she does so with a positive intention, namely to make you better and to encourage people to reach you desire.

5. Develop "multiple sources of income"

Today there are many ways to generate online or offline. Extra income In addition to your daily work, you can develop many ways to earn a passive income.
In particular, the Internet has contributed to this. There are thousands of opportunities to generate an extra income

Examples include forex , dividend income, save gross annual income ,rental income ,bogging, MLM, tax liens, etc., etc. Immerse yourself in a way that appeals to you, make sure you create in this very well and there is an extra income with it.

If you are successful with this, you start to another method. The trick is to generate, so you have plenty of alternatives when a method is less good. Multiple income streams and attract wealth more and more

6. Care of your body

To be truly successful, you have an excellent health needs. Your health has a direct effect on your emotional state of being and stamina you. so health is wealth

With good health, you will feel better and you're capable of more. It is therefore important to eat healthy food preferably organic.

And to exercise regularly and give your body. Enough rest I myself sport 2 or 3 times a week and I eat almost exclusively organic food.

I sleep only 5 to 6 hours a night, which is really too little. Optimum is at least 7 or 8 hours per night.

7. Daily inspiration from books, CDs or movie

Just as important as the food for your body, it is also important to feed them with inspiring thoughts your mind. Therefore, read an inspiring book about spirituality, personal growth or management.

Daily at least half an hour Another way to feed your mind is listening to motivational CDs in the car. Personally, I regularly listen to motivational CDs or MP3s of my favorite authors and speakers.

Usually those in the English language, because there is little material is available in the all language. I also regularly check to videos on Youtube of my role models in the field of personal growth.

Through daily attention to personal growth, you increase your creativity and inspiration, and you grow as a successful person.

However, remember to apply in your life, the valuable knowledge because only applied knowledge is power!

8. Maintains a success journal at

Take the end of the day some time to write. All your successes of the day They do not have to be like finishing the marathon, but also all the little things that feel good are you writing in your journal, such as writing a thank you card to a friend.

Not only great successes Through daily take to write your successes time you focus yourself for success. Your subconscious records this, making successful operations in the future become automatic.

Also sending you this vibrations of success in the cosmos. The universe picks up these signals and send you more successful situations and opportunities. Indeed, like energies attract like energies to!

9. Take time for yourself every day

This is one of the most underrated success habits in today's hectic society. We all tend to be from deadline to deadline and from project to project.

Continuously There are always things we need to do for ourselves and the day happen only has 24 hours. Yet it is important to take daily for yourself the time.

Lock yourself for an hour off from the outside world, deep meditation or go walking in the countryside and get yourself completely at home with yourself.

By doing this daily you will not only relax, but also increase your creativity and inspiration. And you will see that you get more done in less time, simply by taking.

Peace and relaxation You can also see this as a time to take it easy to settle everything. Time for contemplation and reflection is very valuable. It brings you back to yourself in the now. And that's all there is! 

10. Starting a Master mind Group

Organizers a Mastermind group consisting of at least five people with similar skills and at least the same level of success and with the same interests as you.

By coming into the Mastermind group together regularly, you keep each other sharp and help each other to achieve. Mutual goals.

You help each other with ideas and suggestions and you hold each other accountable for meeting deadlines and give each other confidence and support to come out.

Comfort zone Mastermind groups strengthen yourself as a person and help you to achieve your goals sooner because more people know more than you alone